What is the purpose of using a wiki?

Wiki Pedagogy by Renée Fountain


This article endeavours to denote and promote pedagogical experimentations concerning a Free/Open technology called a "Wiki". An intensely simple, accessible and collaborative hypertext tool Wiki software challenges and complexifies traditional notions of - as well as access to - authorship, editing, and publishing. Usurping official authorizing practices in the public domain poses fundamental - if not radical - questions for both academic theory and pedagogical practice.
The particular pedagogical challenge is one of control: wikis work most effectively when students can assert meaningful autonomy over the process. This involves not just adjusting the technical configuration and delivery; it involves challenging the social norms and practices of the course as well (Lamb, 2004). Enacting such horizontal knowledge assemblages in higher education practices could evoke a return towards and an instance upon the making of impossible public goods” (Ciffolilli, 2003).
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The Great Debate - wiki vs blogs

Liz's class - These 6 year olds are using a wiki for writing, collaboratively directly onto the computer
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A list of New Zealand education-related blogs/wikis and podcasts

Creating opportunities to learn and supporting community involvement:

Miss Gamby's wiki - Northcote Primary
Room 12's wiki - Northcote Primary
Nelson Central School Portal

Facilitate Shared Learning:
Collaborative Stories - Bucklands Beach Intermediate
The Diary of Anne Frank - Bucklands Beach Intermediate
MediaMatrix - Howick College
Totara Team Wiki - Northcote Primary

Supporting Teacher Professional Learning
Teacher Portal - Petone Foreshore ICT PD Cluster
Central North Shore ICT PD Cluster
CoolToolsForSchools - Resource Portal for Teachers

Encourage reflective thought and action

Conflict Resolutions - Blockhouse Bay

The Purpose of wikiEducator
The WikiEducator is an evolving community intended for the collaborative

Konrad Glogowski, the blog of proximal development.
This post shares some interesting strategies Konrad is exploring with his students around their participation and response to their learning within a wider community of learners, including peers and teachers.
“It’s not enough to know how to grow a blog, to pick a topic and keep contributing to one’s blog. Our students must also be aware of the class communities in which they learn”(Glogowski, 2008).

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